Ancestry of Winfield Dyer Gallup and Florence Bertha Miles

Thomas GALLOP [Parents] 1 was born in 1530 in North Bowood,Dorset,England. He died on 8 Apr 1610. He married Agnes WATKINS about 1558 in Dorsetshire,England.

It is believed by some researchers that one Sir Giles Strangeways was the guardian of Thomas. However, the circumstances of this relationship are not known.

Agnes WATKINS [Parents] 1, 2 was born in 1527 in Holwell,Dorset,England. She died on 22 Jul 1604 in North Bowood,Dorset,England. She married Thomas GALLOP about 1558 in Dorsetshire,England.

They had the following children:

  M i Richard Gallop was christened on 29 May 1564.
  M ii Thomas Gallop was born in 1565. He died in Dec 1622.
  M iii Giles Gallop was born in 1567 in North Bowood,Dorset,England. He died in 1623 in Rome,Italy.

Egedins Gollop went to Rome to become a priest. He died without issue.
  M iv Humphrey Gallop 1 was born in 1569 in North Bowood,Dorset,England. He died in 1623.

Humphrey Gollop died without issue.
  M v John GALLOP (3) was born in 1571.
  M vi George Gallop was born in 1573. He died ?.

Humphrey WATKINS 1 was born about 1505 in Holwell,Dorsetshire,England. He died about 1600 in Holwell,Dorsetshire,England. He married Catherine SYMONDS about 1525 in England.

Catherine SYMONDS [Parents] was born about 1500 in Cally,Somerset,England. She married Humphrey WATKINS about 1525 in England.

They had the following children:

  F i Agnes WATKINS was born in 1527. She died on 22 Jul 1604.

John SYMONDS was born about 1475 in Cally, Somerset, England. He died before 1573. He was married [name unknown].

This John Symonds was an 11th great grandfather of Winfield Dyer Gallup. I have tried without success to make Winfield and Florence into cousins by tieing him into the line of another John Symonds who lived in the 1500's, a 9th great grandfather of Florence Bertha Miles. Too bad.

He had the following children:

  F i Catherine SYMONDS was born about 1500.

Thomas Gallop [Parents] was born in 1565 in North Bowood,Dorset,England. He died in Dec 1622 in Dorset. He married Francesca Pawlett [date/place unknown].

This Thomas Gollop, son of the first Thomas, was the heir of North Bowood and Strode. An alternate death date, Dec 1623, (a year later than that given in the Gallup Genealogy) has been cited.

Francesca Pawlett [Parents] 1 was born in of Melplash,Dorset,England. She married Thomas Gallop [date/place unknown].

The alternate spellings of "Paulet" and "Pawlet" have been cited. The tombstone of her son, Thomas, also bears her name, (very hard to read) "Frances P/B?w/xlet?" and her husband, Thomas.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Gallop died in 1663.
  F ii Katherin Gallop.
  F iii Anne Gallop.
  M iv Elizat Gallop.
  M v Henry Gallop.
  M vi William Gallop.
  M vii Roger Gallop.

George Gallop [Parents] was born in 1573 in Resided Southampton. He died ?. He was married [name unknown].

He had the following children:

  M i Humphrey Gollop was born ?. He died ? in Died wthout issue.

George Pawlett was born in "of Melplash,Dorsetshire". He was married [name unknown].

He had the following children:

  F i Francesca Pawlett.

John Davy 1 was born in 1538 in (Of) Stamford,Devonshire,England. He died after 1564 in (prob.) Stamford,Devonshire,England. He was married [name unknown].

Resided at Stambord, Deavonshire, England.

He had the following children:

  F i Mary(pos) Davy was born about 1564.

Edmund BRUSHETT was born about 1560. He married Emma NICHOLS [date/place unknown].

Emma NICHOLS was born about 1570. She married Edmund BRUSHETT [date/place unknown].

They had the following children:

  F i Christobel BRUSHETT was born about 1590. She died on 27 Sep 1655.

Capt. John GALLOP Jr. [Parents] was born about 1617 in Bridport,Dorsetshire,England. He was christened on 25 Jan 1620 in St. Mary's Parish,Bridport,England. He died on 19 Dec 1675 in Narragansett Fort,S. Kingston,Washington Co.,RI. He married Hannah Anna LAKE in 1642/1643 in Boston,MA.

Captain John came to America on the ship "Griffin" arriving Boston Sept 4, 1633 at age 18 with his mother, brothers and sister Joan. (His father came over three years earlier.) He was a coastal trader along with his father and some of his brothers. He and his brother William assisted their father in the re-capture of John Oldham's vessel off Block Island which had been captured by Indians. This incident was a precipative to the Pequot War of 1636-1637 in which he took part, and for which Connecticut made him a grant of 100 acres.
John was called to become first sheriff of Plymouth Colony in 1640 and was a founder of New London, CT. He moved near there to a grant from the General Court upon the Mystic River, where he built and planted the Whitehall Estate.
John was a skilled Indian interpreter and acted in this capacity for much of his life and, though nearly 60 years old, joined with Capt. John Mason who had raised a Company of 70 New London men to fight in King Philip's War. He served as Captain of First Company of the Connecticut forces under Maj. Robert Treat at the Great Swamp Fight at Narragansett, R.I., where he led 300 Mohigans on 19 Dec 1675 into the fight at Narragansett Fort where he fell at the head of his faithful followers. He was one of six captains who fell in storming the fort that day which was an Indian stronghold and the hardest fought battle of King Phillip's War. A permanent marker may be found there in remembrance of his death. In 1678 the General Court made a large land grant to his widow, Hannah, of 200 additional acres at Stonington, CT in recognition of her husband's service and her loss.
It is a curious fact that two additional great grandfathers of Winfield D. Gallup died from wounds that day in Narragansett Bay, Capt. John Gorham (1620-1676) and Capt. Samuel Marshall (1630-1675), and a cousin Ebenezer Dibble.
John was a 7th great grandfather of both Winfield Dyer Gallup and President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Hannah Anna LAKE [Parents] 1 was christened on 3 Jul 1621 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England. She died after 28 Feb 1680/1681 in (prob.) Stonington,CT. She married Capt. John GALLOP Jr. in 1642/1643 in Boston,MA.

Hannah, a niece of Massachusetts Gov. Winthrop's wife, arrived in America 6 Oct 1635 on the ship "Abigail" with her sister Martha and her mother. Regarding the question of whether or not Hannah died in Ipswich, MA, as some have reported, there seems to be no basis for this and it may be the result of confusing Hannah with the wife of her son John who was from Ipswich. More likely is that Hannah remained in Stonington where she had inherited a considerable amount of land from her husband and where all of her children lived. Most probably, Hannah died in Stonington sometime after February 28, 1680/81 either at her own place or living with one of her children.
Hannah is recorded as a descendent of the Lakes of Normantown, Yorkshire, Earls of Arundel, Counts of Lorraine and continuing to William the Conqueror. However, this, the so-called "Gallup Royal Line", is most probably the result of tracing Hannah's descendency through the Lake family of Irby, Lincolnshire, England which is highly questionable as her line is thought to be from the Lakes of Essexshire instead.

They had the following children:

  F i Hannah Gallup was born on 14 Sep 1644. She died in 1721.
  M ii John GALLUP ,III was born in Sep 1646. He died on 26 Dec 1733.
  F iii Esther Gallup was born on 24 Mar 1653. She died on 30 Sep 1717.
  M iv Benadam GALLUP , Sr. was born in Dec 1655. He died on 2 Aug 1727.
  M v Lieut. William Gallup was born in Apr 1658. He died on 15 May 1731.
  M vi Samuel Gallop was born about 1660 in Stonington,New London Co.,Conn.. He died before 9 Jul 1731. The cause of death was Small pox.

The following contention for the wife of Samuel appeared on the internet. No source was given and no corroborating reference could be found:

Name: Sarah Cheesebrough
Birth: 24 DEC 1662 in Stonington, New London Co., CT
Death: 9 AUG 1729 in Stonington, New London Co., CT
Burial: AUG 1729 Whitehall Cemetery, Stonington, New London, CT
Marriage (1): Samuel Gallop b: 1659 in Stonington, New London Co., CT
Married: BEF. 1683 in Stonington, New London Co., CT
Marriage (2): William Gallop b: 1658 in Stonington, New London Co., CT. Lieutenant
Married: 4 JAN 1686/87 in Stonington, New London Co., CT
  F vii Christobel Gallup was born in Sep 1660.
  F viii Elizabeth Gallup was born on 8 Mar 1663. She died in 1726.
  F ix Mary Gallup was born about 1665. She died before 1672.
  F x Margaret Gallup was born in 1664/1668.

John LAKE [Parents] was born 1 in "of Great Fanton Hall,North Benfleet,Essexshire,England". He was christened 2 on 26 Sep 1590 in North Benfleet,Essexshire,England. He died 3 on 18 Jan 1661/1662 in North Benfleet,Essexshire,England. He married Margaret READE about 1615 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England.

John was of Great Fanton Hall in North Benfleet and the third generation of Lakes to occupy the manor house having inherited it from his father John, who was born there in 1565. Sometime between 1631 and 1635 John's wife, Margaret (Reade) Lake, left him and emigrated with her sisters and their families to New England, taking with her, her two daughters Ann and Martha Lake. Margaret lived, for a time with the the family of her brother-in-law Governor John Winthrop, in New London, Conn. John Lake's date of death is determined from Margaret's correspondence with England over the years, wherein it is obvious from a letter in January 1662 that John was deceased.
John Lake is claimed to be a descendent on his father's side in the thirtieth generation of Charlemagne, Frankish king and Roman emperor, by his wife Hildegarde, daughter of the Swabian duke Godfrey; in the thirty-first of Pepin the Short, the first Carlovingian king of the Franks, and in the thirty-third of Pepin of Heristal, mayor of the palace under the last Merovingian kings, who died A.D. 714.

Margaret READE [Parents] was born on 11 Jul 1598 in North Benfleet,Essexshire,England. She was christened on 16 Jul 1598 in North Benfleet,Essexshire,England. She was buried on 24 Sep 1672 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,MA. She married John LAKE about 1615 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England.

Margaret's birth occurred in North Benfleet because her parents lived there from 1597 to 1612 before returning to Wickford, only four miles distant. She probably met John Lake while living in North Benfleet. An account of Margaret's emigration to New England is included in the narrative of her husband John Lake. According to the record, Margaret was a landowner in her own right.

They had the following children:

  M i John Lake was christened on 6 Jul 1617 in Wickford,Essexshire,England. He died about 1658.
  M ii Thomas Lake was christened on 18 Jan 1618/1619 in Wickford,Essexshire,England.
  M iii Richard Lake was christened on 21 May 1620 in Wickford,Essexshire,England.
  F iv Hannah Anna LAKE was christened on 3 Jul 1621. She died after 28 Feb 1680/1681.
  F v Elizabeth Lake (infant) was christened on 5 Jun 1623 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England. She died in Aug 1623 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England. She was buried on 31 Aug 1623 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England.
  F vi Martha LAKE was christened on 20 Jul 1624. She died on 5 Apr 1700.
  M vii Samuel Lake was christened on 29 Mar 1629 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England. He died in Mar 1630 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England. He was buried on 19 Mar 1630 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England.
  F viii Elizabeth Lake was christened on 17 Feb 1630/1631 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England.

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