Ancestry of Winfield Dyer Gallup and Florence Bertha Miles

John LAKE [Parents] was born about 1565 in Great Fanton Hall,No. Benfleet,Essex,England. He was buried on 10 Dec 1612 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England. He married Elizabeth SANDELL about 1589 in Basildon,Essex,England.

Elizabeth SANDELL [Parents] was born in 1565/1570 in Nevendon,Essex,England. She was buried on 4 May 1616 in North Benfleet,Essex,England. She married John LAKE about 1589 in Basildon,Essex,England.

They had the following children:

  M i John LAKE was christened on 26 Sep 1590. He died on 18 Jan 1661/1662.
  F ii Elizabeth Lake was christened on 12 Dec 1591. She died in Aug 1651.
  F iii Sybil Lake was christened on 11 Feb 1593 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England. She died after 1616.
  M iv Richard Lake was christened on 18 Nov 1594. He was buried on 18 Feb 1652.
  F v Thomasine Lake was christened on 14 Oct 1596 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England. She died after 1616.
  F vi Margaret Lake was christened on 12 Mar 1598 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England.
  M vii Thomas Lake was christened on 21 Oct 1600 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England. He died in 1652.

Edmund READE [Parents] was born in Wickford,Essexshire,England. He was christened on 23 May 1563 in Wickford,Essexshire,England. He was buried on 1 Dec 1623 in Wickford,Essexshire,England. He married 1 Elizabeth COOKE about 1594.

Elizabeth COOKE [Parents] 1 was christened on 2 Jul 1578 in Pebmarsh,Essexshire,England. She died about 1637 in Wickford,Essexshire,England. She married 2 Edmund READE about 1594.

Other marriages:
Peter, Hugh

[See note for her father.]

They had the following children:

  M i Edmund Reade (infant) was christened on 6 Nov 1595 in Wickford,Essex,England. He was buried on 30 Mar 1600 in North Benfleet,County Essex,England.
  F ii Mary Reade was born on 18 Jun 1597 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England. She was christened on 26 Jun 1597 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England. She was buried on 13 Apr 1602 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England.
  F iii Margaret READE was born on 11 Jul 1598. She was buried on 24 Sep 1672.
  M iv William Reade was christened on 28 Oct 1599. He died on 3 Apr 1659.
  F v Martha Reade was born on 13 Jul 1602. She died in 1662.
  M vi Edmund Reade (youth) was christened on 22 Jul 1604 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England. He was buried on 9 Nov 1613.
  M vii Thomas Reade (infant) was born on 2 Jan 1605/1606 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England. He was christened on 7 Jan 1605/1606 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England. He died on 15 Sep 1607 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England.
  M viii Samuel Reade was christened on 23 Jul 1609 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England.
  M ix Col. Thomas Reade was born on 15 Aug 1612. He died in Oct 1662.
  F x Elizabeth Reade was christened on 27 Nov 1614. She died on 24 Nov 1672.

Thomas Gallop [Parents] 1 was born in of North Bowood and Strode,Dorset,England. He died in 1663. He married Martha Ironside [date/place unknown].

Thomas was Barrister at Law of North Bowood and Strode.

Martha Ironside [Parents] was born in of Longe Bredie,Dorset,England. She married Thomas Gallop [date/place unknown].

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Gallop was born in 1617.
  F ii Martha Gallop.

Robert Ironside [Parents] was born in 1559 in Longe Bredie, Dorsetshire. He died in 1629. He married (pos) Jane "Jennie" Gilbert [date/place unknown]. Robert was employed as Resided Longbriddy.

I received on 13 Jan 2004 the following communication from Micheal Ironside Edwards, University of Bath, R.E.S.U. 2 East 3-26, Claverton Down, BATH, BA2 7AY:
"... We Ironsides (at least the Dorset line) are very fortunate to have had forefathers that were churchmen, and can trace solid lines back to the late 1400s. General Sir Edmund Ironside did a lot of work tracing sources in the early 1900s, and helped to compile a small hardback that was distributed to most family members arround the middle of the centuary."
"In my copy, both Ralph, and Jane are mentioned; however your interesting point "sister to Gilbert, bishop of Bristol" is not. [My note has consequently been deleted.] We have her as 'daughter of William Gilbert of Hawton, an Oxford 'don'. Ralph Ironside (1559-1629) was educated at Oxford, mat 1577, M.A.1585, having been born in Houghton-le-Spring in Durham, to a farmer John Ironsides."
"Martha's brother Gilbert (also educated at Oxford mat1604 Trinity) did indeed become "Bishop of Bristol" (1660-1671). Ralph was made Rector of Winterborne, Vicar of Long Bredy, and is later refered to as Mr Archdeacon (a title more often applied to his son Ralph, who married Margaret Strode, of Strode Manor Netherbury (somewhere the Gollops are familliar with!), and later became Archdeacon of Dorset.)"
"Your Ralph apparantly had a 'serious discussion' one evening over dinner at the home of Sir George Trenchard near Dorchester, with Sir Walter Raleigh and his brother Carew, who had both been long suspected of being aetheists."

(pos) Jane "Jennie" Gilbert.(pos) married Robert Ironside [date/place unknown].

They had the following children:

  F i Martha Ironside.
  M ii Gilbert Ironside.
  M iii Ralph Ironside Jr..

John Ironside.John was married [name unknown].

John Ironside was a farmer.

He had the following children:

  M i Robert Ironside was born in 1559. He died in 1629.

Thomas Gallop [Parents] was born in 1617. He married Martha (Mrs. Thomas Gallop) [date/place unknown].

Martha (Mrs. Thomas Gallop).Martha married Thomas Gallop [date/place unknown].

Richard LAKE was born in 1539 in North Benfleet or Rayleigh,Essex,England. He was buried on 24 Sep 1599 in Great Fanton Hall,No. Benfleet,Essex,England. He married Anne WARDELL about 1564 in Essexshire,England.

Richard Lake and Anne Wardell were the 10th greatgrandparents of Winfield D. Gallup. According to tradition, the parents of Richard Lake of Essexshire were John Lake of Erby, Lincolnshire, and Elizabeth Lone. There exists at least one serious genealogical examination of this parentage for Richard and it does not make a connection between the Lakes of Essexshire and the Lakes of Lincolnshire; neither does it prove any other parents for Richard. Nevertheless, from the earliest days, as recorded in the original 1893 Gallup Genealogy, the Lakes have held that they were of royal blood. On January 3rd, 1896, the Mystic [CT] Press published a royal line for Richard Lake as one of a series covering families in the area who were of royal blood. It used the contention that John Lake of Erby was the father of Richard. Whether or not this royal line can be accepted without skepticism must await the discovery of corroborating source material which in all probability will never be found. Richard's royal line is presented in the appendix.

Anne WARDELL [Parents] was born in 1543 in North Benfleet,Essexshire,England. She died on 22 Sep 1599 in Wickford,Essexshire,England. She married Richard LAKE about 1564 in Essexshire,England.

Many compilers give Anne Wardell (1543 - 22 Sep 1599), daughter of Edward Wardell, as the spouse of Richard Lake of Irby, Lincolnshire but this is unsubstantiated. It is believed to be an error from confusing him with our Richard of North Benfleet, Essexshire, these places being 140 miles distant from each other.

They had the following children:

  M i John LAKE was born about 1565. He was buried on 10 Dec 1612.
  M ii Richard Lake was born about 1567. He died after 1599.
  F iii Mrs. George (Reignold) Lake was born about 1570. She was buried on 17 Sep 1599.
  F iv Margaret Lake was born about 1572 in Essexshire,England. She died after 1599.
  F v Sybil Lake was born about 1573. She died after 1599.
  F vi Joan Lake was born about 1574. She died after 1599.

John SANDELL [Parents] was born about 1525 in Basildon or Nevendon,Essex,England. He died on 15 Sep 1588 in Basildon,Essex,England. He married Thomasine (Mrs. John SANDELL) about 1549.

Thomasine (Mrs. John SANDELL) was born about 1525 in Nevendon,Essex,England. She died before 26 Apr 1598. She married John SANDELL about 1549.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Sandell was born about 1550. He was buried on 11 Apr 1594.
  M ii Richard Sandell was born about 1552 in Basildon, Essexshire, England. He died after 1594.
  F iii Roberge Sandell was born about 1554. She died after 1598.
  F iv Margaret Sandell was born about 1556. She died after 1598.
  F v Elizabeth SANDELL was born in 1565/1570. She was buried on 4 May 1616.

John GALLUP ,III [Parents] was born in Sep 1646 in Boston,MA. He died 1 on 26 Dec 1733 in (prob.) Stonington,New London Co.,CT. He married Elizabeth HARRIS in 1675 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,MA.

John Gallup settled in Stonington on lands granted by the General Court to his father for services in the Indian Wars. He participated in King Philips War and was with his father in the Great Swamp Fight at Narragansett. He was a renowned Indian interpreter. He represented Stonington in General Court in 1685 and 1696 through 1698.
John is the common ancestor of Winfield D. Gallup and the originator of the famous "Gallup Poll", George Horace Gallup, whose line continues from here to Capt. John & Elizabeth, thence to Issac & Margaret, to William & Amy, to Nelson & Betsey, to John & Happy, to George & Nettie, to himself.

From "Genealogy of Gallup Family" By John D. Gallup, published 1893. None of the spelling has changed.
WILL OF JOHN GALLUP OF STONINGTON (Note: This John Gallup is the son of John Gallup II and Hannah Lake Gallup. He was a 6th great grandfather of Winfield Dyer Gallup).

In the name of God, Amen; the eighth day of June, 1725. I, John Gallup, of Stonington, in the county of New London, in the Colony of Connecticut, in New England province, being sick and weak in body, but of Perfect mind and Memory, thanks be given to God therfore, Doe make and Ordaine this, my Last will and Testament. That is to say, first, I give and recomend my soul unto the hands of God that gave it, and my body I recomend to the Earth to be buried in Decent and Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors hereinafter named. And as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this world, I doe give, devise and dispose of in the following manner and form.

Item- I give and bequeath unto my beloved son, John Gallup, the sum of five pounds curr't money and one hundred acres of land, viz, my part of the three hundred acres that was laid out to myself, brother Adam Gallup and brother William Gallup, near a place called Peaagwamsh River by virtue of a Grant from the General Court at Hartford to my Hon'rd father, Captain John Gallup, late of said Stonington, deceased. I having formerly given my said son, John Gallup, by deed of gift and other wise the full of his portion, as he is my eldest son.

Item- I give and bequeath to my Loving Son, Thomas Gallup, the sum of five pounds curr't money, I having formerly given him, my said son Thomas Gallup, by deed of gift and otherwise, the full of his portion.

Item- I give and bequeath to my Loving Son, Samuel Gallup, that lott of land in said Stonington, joyning on Mystick River, where my old house stood. Also, I give to my said son Samuel them three Divisions of Land which I had from Plainfield Right now annexed to Voluntown, viz, the division which was my original right and of right which I bouth of John Fellowes, and that Right which I bought of Ephraim Kingsbury. Also my will is that my said son Samuel doe continue with me and my wife and take the care of us during the whole time of both our naturall lives; then he shall have my new dwelling house and part of the land I now improve; that is to say, Sixty Rods wide, begining at the Line Division between the Williams and the Gallups. I say sixty rods wide the whole length of my land, it coming to him in consideration of his taking care of and providing well for me and my wife the time above [said]. Also, I give him all my husbandry utensils, and all stock of creatures of every sort, only to my said son Samuel to pay to my Loveing Daughter, Martha Gifford, the sum of forty pounds in stock at Inventory Price. I also give my said son Samuel one half of my meadow at Sixpenny Island, and one half of my right at Nowasonk, and half my right of commonage in the Town of Stonington.

Item- I give and bequeath unto my Loveing Son, Nath'll Gallup all ye Remainder of my land from the south bounds the whole length of my land where I now live, except what I have given to my said son Sam'll. Also, I give to my son Nath'll all my Voluntown Right, divided and undivided, within the Town of Voluntown, and half my meadow at Sixpenny Island and half my right at Nowasonk and half my right of commanage in the Town of Stonington, and all other my rights of land now or hereafter belonging to me within the Colony of Connecticut or elsewhere, which I have not disposed of. Also I give to my said son Nath'll, Eighteen Pounds money which is due to me from my brother, Ben Adam Gallup.

Item- I Give and Bequeath to my Loving Daughter, Martha Gifford, the Sum of forty Pounds, to be paid to her as before said exprest, I having formerly done for her as I was able.

Item- I Give and Bequeath unto my loving wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Gallup, all my household stuff, to be hers to use, give or dispose of as she shall see cause. Finally, I do hereby nominate, make and ordain my tow sons, Samuel Gallup and Nathaniel Gallup, to be my executors of this my last Will and Testament, and I do hereby disallow, revoak and disallow all other or former wills by me formerly made, ratifying and confirming this and no others to be my last will and testament. In witness thereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal the day and year above written.

(Seal) John Gallup

Signed, sealed, pronounced and declared by the said John Gallup as his last Will and Testament, in the presence of

Manasseh Minor
John Noyes
Elnathan Minor

A true copy of the original will on file. Examined.
Richard Christophers, Clerk

Elizabeth HARRIS [Parents] was born on 8 Feb 1654/1655 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,MA. She died on 1 Feb 1734 in Stonington,New London Co.,CT. She married John GALLUP ,III in 1675 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,MA.

They had the following children:

  M i John Gallup ,Capt. was born in 1675/1676. He died on 29 Dec 1755.
  M ii Thomas Gallup was christened on 30 Apr 1682. He died before 12 Jun 1733.
  F iii Martha Gallup was christened on 2 Apr 1683.
  M iv Samuel Gallup was christened on 9 Oct 1687. He died in 1748.
  F v Elizabeth Gallup was christened on 14 Jul 1689.
  M vi Nathaniel GALLUP was christened on 4 Jul 1692. He died on 3 Apr 1739.
  M vii William Gallup was christened on 26 May 1695. He died before 12 Jun 1733 in Voluntown,Conn..
  M viii Benjamin Gallup was christened on 1 Nov 1696. He died before 12 Jun 1733 in Voluntown,Conn..

Thomas HARRIS [Parents] 1 was born on 25 Apr 1618 in Hatherup,Gloucestershire,England. He died on 2 Aug 1687 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,Mass.. He married Martha LAKE on 15 Nov 1647 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,Mass..

Thomas was born in England about 1618, his age being stated as "about" forty, in the records of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County in 1658. He was twelve years old when he came to America with his parents on the ship Lyon in May 1630. He left his mother's home in Charlestown before 1642, when in September, he was a member of the Ipswich company of militia which set out, twenty strong, on the expedition under Sergeant Howlet in 1643 to disarm Passaconoway, the Sagamore of Merrimac. For this service he received three shillings on December 4, 1643. In 1643, Thomas, like his brothers owned a house lot on Holme (now Center) Street in Rowley. In 1644, apparently having never lived there, he sold the property to Richard Holmes and John Bailey, confirming the sale in 1654, in a deed wherein he lists himself as a seaman.
By his marriage to Martha Lake he gained a powerful connection to the Symonds family and, more importantly, to Governor John Winthrop. Martha's aunt, Elizabeth (Reade), was the second wife of Gov. Winthrop and her aunt Martha (Reade) was the second wife of Hon. Samuel Symonds, Deputy Governor. In 1648 he purchased, from William Symonds a house and lot in Ipswich which became his homestead.The Symonds lot was adjacent to the lot that Thomas had previously purchased from John Warner. In 1666 Thomas signed the loyalist petition to King Charles II. He was elected a tythingman in 1667 and is shown on a list of commoners in 1678. Thomas left an extensive estate at his death in 1687.
Thomas' will is detailed and historically interesting because it names places and people of his time. It is here quoted in its entirety: "In the Name of God Amen. The 16th day of July & in the yeare of Grace 1687. I Thomas Haris of Ipswich in the Shire of Essex in New-england doe make & declare this my last will & testament in writing revokinge therby both in deed & in law all other former wills & Testaments. I being at this time weake in body, but of good & pfect memory (blessed be God) first I commend my soule into the hands of God my maker hopeing assuredly through the onely meritts of Jesus Christ my Savior to be made ptaker of life everlasting, & I comend my body to earth wherof it is made to be desently buried by my loveing wife Martha Harris whome I make & ordaine my sole executrixof this my will & testament, my Just debts to be paid by her out of my estate; And the remainder I give as followeth. Inprimis I give & bequeath unto Martha Harris my Deere & loveing wife, my dwelling house & Barne & the orchyard, & gardin, & three marsh Lotts at Plumb Island. And I give unto her two third pts of my Planting lott at Towne on the south side of the highway as far as the old fence, and all that planting lott on the North side off the highway afore named, & also I give to her one halfe of the Claypitt meadow, And two thirds of my marsh lott at the hundreds with my parte in the boate. Also I give unto her fower Cowes, & fower Qxen, with all my Sheepe & Swine; and all my household stuff with the Instruments & utensills of husbandry whatsoever duringe he naturall life, More over my will is that my Loveing wife may give & dispose of all my household stuffe & other things not mentioned in this my will at her pleasure amongst or Children. Item I give to my sonne John harris & to his heirs forever, the new house which I built in Ipswich, also I give to him & his heirs forever my two marsh lotts purchased off Deacon Goodhew at Plumb Island, and that part of my planting lott at Towne from the old fence to Samuell Graves his pasture after my debts be paid. Also I give unto my sone John & to his heirs for ever one third part of the planting land at Middle Island, and two oxen, And halfe the Clay pitt meadow, And one third pt of my marsh in the hundreds for quantity & quallity, And more over I give to my sonne John & his heirs forever, after his mothers deseace one third part of the houselott & orchyard, & my will is that my sonne John shall have one thord pt of the fruit of the orchyard during his mothers life yearly. "Item after their mothers deseace I give my sonne William Harrs & Ebeneser my younger sonns, the three marsh lotts at Plumb Island, & halfe the Clay pitt meadow, & all the planting land which their mother enjoyed during her life: And also two third parts of the house lott & orchyard, And two third parts of the marsh lott at the hundreds for quantity & quality. Also I give my two sones William & Ebenezer the same, with the shop betweene them, to them & their heirs forever after their mothers deseace. my will is that if any of the brothers be minded to sell their part of Land or Meadow that the other brethren may have it giveing as much as an other will give. As for my oldest sonn who dyed beyond sea, I gave him forty pounds to redeeme him out of Turkie which I account was his portion. In witness wherof I have heere unto sett my name & seale."
"Thomas Haris." [seal.] "Witnesses, "Daniel Epps senr "James Chute senr
This will was proven 14 September 1688 and his estates was inventoried at L576.11.03. On January 1, 1696, Thomas' widow Martha pointed out to the court that Thomas' will did not mention two of the Harris children: Elizabath Gallop and Margaret Staniford, "which fell out by the fault of him that wrote the same,". She requested authority to settle personal property on these two daughters. ( Essex Probate, 304:183)

Martha LAKE [Parents] was christened on 20 Jul 1624 in No. Benfleet,Essexshire,England. She died on 5 Apr 1700 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,Mass.. She married Thomas HARRIS on 15 Nov 1647 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,Mass..

Martha was descended from relatively wealthy landowners in England, her father being a Lake and her mother a Reade. Her aunt Elizabeth was the wife of Governor John Winthrop of Connecticut. A valuable connection which she brought to her marriage to Thomas Harris. Madam Rebecca Symonds, widow of Mrs. Harris' uncle by marriage, Deputy Governor Samuel Symonds, in her will made in 1695, left to "my cousin Martha Harris a good scarf of equal value with my best scarf." In the same will Martha's daughter Margaret was beqeathed by Madam Symonds, a gold ring and L3 in money. Martha's mother Margaret (Reade) Lake resided with Martha and Thomas in her later years.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Harris was born on 8 Aug 1648 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,MA. He died before 1687 in Turkey.
  F ii Martha Harris was born on 8 Jan 1650/1651 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,MA. She died before 1696 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,MA.
  M iii John Harris was born on 7 Jan 1652/1653. He died on 21 Nov 1732.
  F iv Elizabeth HARRIS was born on 8 Feb 1654/1655. She died on 1 Feb 1734.
  F v Margaret Harris was born on 6 Aug 1657. She died on 25 Feb 1752.
  F vi Mary Harris was born on 31 Jan 1659/1660 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,MA. She died before 1695 in Ipswich,Essex Co.,MA.
  M vii William Harris was born on 12 Dec 1661/1664. He died on 31 Dec 1751.
  M viii Ebenezer Harris was born about 1665. He died on 16 Apr 1751.

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