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Velocity Model 173 RG
(A standard or "Sport" model fuselage with the long wings
of the Velocity XL)
Originally based at Airlake (
KLVN), Lakeville, Minnesota

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Length -- 19 ft. 2 in.

Main Wing -- Span is 31 ft., Area is 122.5 sq. ft.

Canard -- Span is 15 ft 8in., Area is 22.8 sq. ft.

Design Static Load Factors -- +12 G, -9 G

Empty Weight -- 1650 lbs.

Gross Take-off Weight -- 2400 to 2600* lbs.
(*The higher gross is from a 4,000 ft. or greater runway at no greater than 2,500 ft density altitude and a crosswind below 5kts.)

Tested to 2900 lbs. Gross

Retractable Gear (electro-hydraulic)

Custom Leather interior w/ matching vinyl headliner

Dupont Imron 2000 paint

Optional overhead window

Optional speed brake

Optional four-into-one exhaust

King IFR Equipped

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Seats Four 

Top airspeed as measured -- 180kts. (207mph)
(at sea level, pilot only, minimum fuel)

Typical cruise airspeed -- 150kts. (172mph)

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Engine -- Lycoming IO-360-C1C (200 hp) -- 380 hrs. SMOH

Fuel consumption at cruise -- 9 to 12 gal./hr.

Useable fuel -- 75 gal.

Actual out-of-pocket cost (no labor) -- $74,000

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